2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the 10th Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday, 24 October 2018 at Leonay Golf Club.


GLENMORE - John Lovatt (VP), Richard Doyle

LEONAY - (Les Knox)

PENRITH - Ian Forrester

RICHMOND - Noel Byles (VP), Jim Lyons

SPRINGWOOD - John Baker, Bill Jamieson

STONECUTTERS - Kim Stockbridge (VP), Brett Bellis

WALLACIA - Mick Toohey

DUNHEVED - Greg Burke, Doug Tillinghast, Peter Watson


SECRETARY/TREASURER - Chris Evans (15 members present)         

Noel Rowsell, Malcolm Dean, Martin Berg, Craig Scott and Chris Holden.

It was moved Jim Lyons, seconded Noel Byles, and carried, that apologies be accepted.

President Les Knox warmly welcomed all Delegates to the 10th AGM and declared the meeting open at 2.20pm. He thanked his Executive, all Delegates and Member Clubs for their efforts throughout 2018 and declared that this had been yet another outstanding year for Western Sydney. 

The Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting held on 25 October 2017 were tabled and taken as read. It was moved Noel Byles, seconded John Lovatt  and carried unanimously that these Minutes be adopted as written.

There were no matters in the Minutes of the Previous AGM raised for discussion.


Les briefly spoke to, and tabled, his written President’s report for 2018, and it was moved John Baker, seconded Jim Lyons and carried that his report be ‘taken as read’. Les’ report is attached to these Minutes.

Les thanked Noel Byles for taking on the task of investigating and writing up a brief history of WSRVGA (Western Sydney Region Veteran Golfers Association), to celebrate 10 years since its formation in October 2009.

Chris indicated that the Group 20 Report to NSWVGA would go out on the evening of Wednesday 7 November after the last Interclub Event at Glenmore on the same day.

It was moved John Baker, seconded Richard Doyle, and carried that the Executive Reports be accepted.


Chris spoke in detail to the tabled Financial Report developed in collaboration with our Auditor, Mick Toohey. He referred to the Auditor’s written declaration that the accounts and the financial statement for the year ended 30 September 2018 provided a true and accurate record of the income, expenditure and the financial position of the WSRVGA.

Chris thanked Mick for his thorough  review of the books and accounts, and for his formatting of the final report which outlines our financial history over the our first ten years.

After hosting the State Championships for the last five years, the accumulated surplus for this account is $13,146.51. 

Total Accumulated Funds as at 30 September 2018 are a healthy $38,780.84.

Mick Toohey explained to the meeting that the apparent discordance between grants to the eight host clubs resulted from Wallacia running two events in the same financial year, and not all Clubs getting a TV and/or One Point Health vouchers as prizes early in the season. 

Les commented that we need to be guarded re sponsorships for 2019 as the Guardian Funerals and Richmond Club sponsorships have not been finalised at this stage. Chris added that the Richmond Club Application was submitted yesterday with the Board meeting in November.

The audited financial report is attached to these Minutes.

It was moved by Noel Byles, seconded John Lovatt, and carried unanimously that the Audited Financial Report be adopted. 


Les declared all Executive positions vacant. He handed the meeting over to Secretary Chris for the elections of the Executive.

Secretary Chris indicated that as all five members of the previous WSRVGA Executive had re-nominated to serve the Association, and that as there were no additional nominations received by the closing date for nominations on 26 September 2018, then no formal voting process was required.

Chris indicated that Les Knox had nominated for the position of President.

It was moved Chris Evans, seconded Noel Byles and carried unanimously that Les Knox be elected as President for the 2019 season.

The meeting carried the nomination with acclamation.

Chris passed the meeting back to President Les.

Les declared that as there was only one nomination for Secretary/Treasurer, Chris Evans be appointed as Secretary/Treasurer.


Les indicated that Noel Byles, John Lovatt and Kim Stockbridge had re-nominated for a position as Vice President. It was moved Jim Lyons, seconded Richard Doyle and carried.


Les noted that the position of Senior Vice President would be discussed at the next Executive meeting and endorsed at the next Council meeting in 2019.

Les then proposed that, as permitted under our Constitution and By-Laws, an additional positin of Vice President be created to include the new position of Publicity Officer as part of the Executive. Some discussion followed. It was pointed out that our eight Member Clubs are geographically served by a wide variety of local media outlets, particularly newsprint. Our current Publicity Officer, Noel Rowsell, has demonstrated an ability to gain our Association positive media exposure at local, regional, state and national levels.

It was moved Noel Byles, seconded John Lovatt, and carried that the position of Publicity Officer be included on the Executive.

On behalf of the meeting, Les congratulated all Executive appointees for 2019.


It was moved Chris Evans, seconded John Lovatt and carried unanimously that Michael Toohey be appointed as Auditor to the Association for 2019.


(1) Jim Lyons proposed a vote of thanks tot he Treasurer for his work. Agreed.

(2) John Baker proposed a vote of thanks to the President for his work in gaining sponsorships for the Association. Agreed.

(3) Bill Jamieson raised a concern about our ageing membership and the availability of carts at Interclub Events. Jim said that Richmond provided 30 carts plus 20 private carts in use. Les indicated this is an issue for Clubs.

(4) Noel requested contributions from individuals and Clubs to support him in compiling a history of the Association.

(5) Kim asked whether the processing of results at Interclub Events was satisfactory. It was noted that at hte most recent Event at Richmond (yesterday) the results were announced in a timely manner. So it is possible.

(6) Richard Doyle announced the closure of the Australian Golf Heritage Society Museum at its current site at Granville NSW. A new location is being sought. Richmond (October 1897 and Wollongong December 1897) could be historically excellent opportunities for relocation. John Baker asked about visitations. Richard said currently and recently at a low level. Noel Byles suggested the Powerhouse Museum could be considered.

In closing the meeting at 2.45pm, Les Knox thanked all for their attendance and wished all present a safe and happy festive season. He invited all to the lounge area for afternoon tea.

The first Council meeting next year will be held on Wednesday 6 February 2019, commencing at 2.00pm at Leonay Golf Club.

Chris Evans

Honorary Secretary